Terms of use

These general conditions of sale apply to any person using BonsDeals.


To use BonsDeals as an individual, merchant or partner, you must create an account. To create your account, you can use our registration form or register directly using your account on one of the social networks present on BonsDeals. The word BonsDeals is used here to talk about discount coupon on a product or service.

Your Dashboard

When you create your BonsDeals account, you access a dashboard that allows you to manage your account, vouchers, gift cards, virtual transactions, friends, transfer funds from your wallet to your Paypal account if you are an affiliate and if applicable in your country.

Obtaining a discount coupon

To get a discount coupon, you just have to pay the required down payment for that product or service.

To pay, you can:

  • use the balance of your account on BonsDeals
  • use your PayPal account
  • use your bank card
Recharge your account at BonsDeals (wallet)

If you do not want to use your bank card or PayPal account, we recommend that you use your BonsDeals account.

Subscribe to our newsletter

By signing up, you agree to receive by e-mail, our daily deals on which there are super -discounts. You can also unsubscribe at any time.

Refund of your deposit

When you go to the merchant to take advantage of your discount coupon and before the expiration date of the coupon, the product or service is no longer available, you can ask us for a refund. This refund will be made within 12 hours maximum directly in your BonsDeals account after verification of the information with the merchant.

Currency used

The currency used on BonsDeals is your country currency.However.

Bonus recharge and gifts in the form of money

As BonsDeals does not have the authority to remit money to its customers, all bonus recharge, gifts and welcome gifts given on BonsDeals can not be transformed into physical cash given to the client who Benefits.

Sponsorship of your friends

Each client has the opportunity to sponsor one or more friends. For each referral friend who joins a BonDeal, BonsDeals will give money in the account BonsDeals of the client who sponsored the latter.

Support for charities

BonsDeals supports several charities in your city and / or country. For this, Algoo has committed to paying a percentage to each charity that is selected by the client. Thus, for each deal purchased, the customer has the possibility to select at the end of his purchase process, the charity that he would like to see receive our financial support. The percentage of the amount donated to the selected charity is directly deducted from BonsDeals turnover for each deal sold. At any time, the charity may request the withdrawal of this amount from BonsDeals.

Account Protection

All accounts on BonsDeals and the site are protected against any piracy. BonsDeals therefore declines any responsibility if it is proved that your account has been pirated and your money used because of your negligence